Gifts of the Season

It was with a little shock that I saw on my calendar that yesterday, March 19, was the first day of Spring. I had missed the moment. No day now, in the midst of the corona virus epidemic, is like any other day used to be. Time is passing in slow motion, or in fits and starts, sometimes even going backwards or sideways. Still, I felt chagrined that I had been unaware of the advent of a more hopeful season: a time of birth, growth and exuberance!

Red currant bush lighting up my side garden

But there have been other moments to lighten the heart worth sharing. Sitting on my front porch, I could hear high scratchy calls. Searching the clear blue sky—itself noteworthy—sure enough, there were two eagles circling and wheeling over my neighborhood, calling and sweeping the sky and then disappearing out of my view.

In other bird news, in a stretch of mid-night insomnia, I could hear an owl hooting, pausing, and then hooting some more. It must have been quite close by. I was thrilled, having never heard hooting before. It was magical. It didn’t help me get back to sleep but I was so glad to have been there for the moment.

A friend and I had been searching for the first trillium, a definite sign of Spring, but had not yet made any discoveries when “social isolation” ended our shared pursuit. But—lucky me—another friend knew of my longing and sent me this wonderful photo of her first sighting. Renewal! Hope!

And another gift: Just drink in this blooming cherry tree gracing the Capitol Campus here in Olympia. We gazed—six feet apart—and felt cheered even in this difficult time. Be well. Don’t miss the season, go outside. We will get back to discussing feeding wild birds soon.

4 thoughts on “Gifts of the Season

  1. I had a lovely encounter with nature in my yard last week on a sunny day. Four different birds, sitting in our Raywood Ash, in the sunshine just twittering. Like mad! Like everyone talking at once at thanksgiving dinner. There were a couple of juncos, chickadees, a little brown bird of some sort, and a hummer all chirping at once trying to see who could be the loudest and chirp the longest. What a treat! Who knows what the occasion was? Spring coming! The feeder is full! The Cooper’s hawk is not here! Or maybe just – This sunshine is fabulous! We have all felt that. All creatures great and small. Cheers. Here’s to spring!


  2. Pass the gravy! And the dressing! What a great image and metaphor! That a hummingbird was joining in is really interesting. The other birds often flock together but hummers are so singular. That is fascinating. Thank you!


  3. Great cherry tree! Is that one big branch curling up? My yard is starting to pop out now. The hummers are ignoring my feeders, a sign that there are lots of flowers for the sipping. Canada Geese are making a lot of noise as they fly over. Spring is a wonderful balance to all the virus stuff going on, and a reminder of hope and renewal.


  4. Yes! The trees are amazing! And I think that is one big branch reaching for the stars.

    I plan to get outside in a few minutes and try not to think about anything at all. The weeds are calling to me….


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